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 ///////   //      ///    ///////   
UNO v3.1 by poiuy_qwert
  1. Commands
  2. Playing
    1. Rules
    2. Game
  3. Credits
  4. Contact
1. Commands (Back)
This is a list of all the commands, they are all used like !command [parameters]. Command shortforms are shown in parenthesis.
  • On:
       This turns UNO on so a game can begin.
  • Join (jo):
       This is the command used to join the game.
  • BotJoin (bo):
       Makes the bot join the game.
  • Leave:
       This lets you leave the game.
  • BotLeave (bl):
       This makes the bot leave the game.
  • Start (st):
       This starts the game.
  • Stop:
       This stops the game, but doesn't turn it off.
  • Cards (ca):
       Tells you your current cards, and the card being played on currently.
  • Turn (tu):
       Tells you who's turn, which direction the order is, the players list, and who's turn is next.
  • Play (pl):
       This command lets you play a card on your turn. It is by far the hardest command. To play a normal card you just type *play Card. Playing a wildcard is the same except you must specify a color to change to, like *play Card Color. To play all of a certain card, you must type *play S Card Color where Card is the card without its color attached and Color is the color to end on.
  • Draw (dr):
       If you can't or don't want to play a card, you can draw a card with this.
  • Pass (pa):
       Once you've drawn a card, you can then play it or pass with this command.
  • Shuffle:
       Shuffle's played cards back into the deck.
  • Replace:
       If someone leaves during the game, they will be replaced with someone in the replace list. This command places you on the replace list.
  • BotReplace:
       Place the bot on the replace list in case anyone leaves.
  • Off:
       This turns UNO off. If a game is in progress it is lost.
  • Trigger:
       This changes the trigger.
  • Help:
       This gives help for people on mIRC.
  • New! Score:
       Shows your score and rank to the channel. If a nickname is supplied, *score Nick, it will check that nicks score.
  • New! Records:
       Shows bonus records and the awarded points.
  • New! Elapsed:
       Shows how long a game has been so far.
  • New! Played:
       Shows how many cards have been played in total and by each player.
  • New! Top:
       Takes one paramater X which is a number form 1 to 10, and gives a top X list of players. If you dont supply X it gives the top 10.
2. Playing (Back)
1. Rules
There are a total of 108 cards:
  • 19 Blue number cards. (One 0, two of each 1-9).
  • 19 Green number cards. (One 0, two of each 1-9).
  • 19 Red number cards. (One 0, two of each 1-9).
  • 19 Yellow number cards. (One 0, two of each 1-9).
  • 8 Draw 2 cards, 2 in every color.
  • 8 Reverse cards, 2 in every color.
  • 8 Skip cards, 2 in every color.
  • 4 Wild cards.
  • 4 Wild Draw 4 cards.
Each player is dealt 7 cards, the remaining cards are placed face down to form the DRAW pile. The top card of the DRAW pile is turned over to form the DISCARD pile. The first player has to match the top card of the DISCARD pile either by Color, or Card. For example, a Red 2 can be played on a Red S, a Red 2 can be played on a Blue 2, and a Red Skip can be played on a Blue Skip. The player can also put a wild card down. If the player can't play anything or doesn't want to, he can draw a card from the DRAW pile. If the player draws and can play it, he can, if not, he can pass. Once the player plays a card or passes, it is the next players turn. Once a player has no cards left, the game ends and scoring takes place. The cards are scored like so:
  • Number cards are face value.
  • Draw 2, Reverse, and Skip are 20 points.
  • Wild cards are 50 points.
Custom: If someone leaves during the game, they are replaced by a player in the replace list. If there is noone in the replace list, his cards are put into the DRAW pile, unless there is only one person left which results in the game ending.

2. Game
Someone must type *on to start letting people join. Everyone who wants to join must type *join. Once all the players are in, someone must type *start to begin the game. The first player must either play a card with *play or draw a card with *draw then play the card/pass with *pass. Once their turn is done, the next player continues by doing the same thing. Once a player reaches 0 cards the game ends, and points are calculated for the winner.
3. Credits (Back)
UNO v3.0 (Aug 10, 207)
  • mklaif:
       Idea for cards command and lots of testing (Thanks!).
  • Log1x:
       Helped test.
  • Feren6:
       Reported a bug in *uno command.
  • agent-smith:
       Bug reports, requested all new features, and LOTS of testing. Everyone should kiss his feet for his ideas!
UNO v2.2 (Dec 26, 2006)
  • Sparkle:
       Idea for spam filters.
UNO v2.1 (Feb 27, 2006)
  • flash-Skills:
       Notified me of the bug.
UNO v2 (Feb 23, 2006)
  • Mpdreamz:
       Found a bug that I couldn't reproduce and didn't know how it happened but I think by making reverse's skip in a 1 on 1, it should be fix.
UNO v1 (Jan 31, 2006)
  • O-exr8eD-AA-VD:
       Made me want to write this.
  • nivel:
       Helped test.
4. Contact (Back)
If you found bugs, have some suggestions or comments, you can contact me any of these ways:
  • irc.gamesurge.net in channels #script and #eval as poiuy_qwert or anything with p_q in it.
  • irc.undernet.org in channels #mircscripting and #mirc.net as poiuy_qwert or anything with p_q in it.
  • Or simply reply where you downloaded it.